Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blog fail

I suck at posting every day. Fail.

I have not been eating well. Like yesterday, I did fine all day and then decided I needed 3 desserts. Jacob says I 'sneak dessert', which is totally true. Like I had one small brownie, but then felt the need to stand in front of the kitchen cabinet dipping honey bunches of oats into nutella. Ew. I don't even want to think what a horrible habit that is!

I did manage to have an awesome run last night. After being cool, cloudy, and rainy all day, it warmed up to the low 60's and the sun came out right around 5:30! I headed out to the Monticello trail and ran for about 4 miles. The first 2 are uphill, and I could barely tell. I took it really slow since I've got my 10 miler this weekend. It's always hard for me to control myself during taper weeks, and it's even harder during recovery weeks after the race!

Today I plan to go to the gym and watch some trashy tv while I work out. I hope when I move to Richmond that my new gym, wherever it may be, has good tv's! I've gotten used to E! keeping me company on the elliptical :) There's nothing like Keeping Up With the Kardashians for making a workout fly by!

Tonight's dinner is going to be Italian bean and pasta soup... I call it Mr. Z's soup after my childhood next door neighbor whose recipe it is. He was a good cook! The original recipe took forever and made a TON of soup because it called for dried beans. Now I use canned, and I reduced the amount of olive oil in the soup by like 75%. So now it is a SOUPer (lol) healthy combo of black beans, white beans, canned tomatoes, a little elbow macaroni, and olive oil! It's very easy and yummy, and I think this will be one of the last days this year that I make soup. Soup is the only thing I love about winter.

FYI, I got an A- on my test!! I'm already studying for the next one :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

26... 25.... oh just get me out of here!

I'm counting days until I leave my job. Ug. So boring. I'm not doing ANYTHING at work all day. I don't think there is any work for me to do right now. Basically my managers are really bad at resource planning.

I ate way too many chocolate chips last night :( Fattening, processed, icky food overload is bad. I did have a really delicious dinner of tofu shawarma... tofu marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, and curry powder, served in whole wheat pita with tahini-yogurt sauce and veggies. Mmmmmm.... and hummus on the side. I love hummus, but my broken blender has prevented me from making any recently. I sent Jacob on a mission to find some at the Afghan grocery store across the street. He was very successful. That place is cheap, and has great ethnic food! Why did I never discover this before now?

Lunch today was hummus in pita with cucumbers, carrots with hummus (and ranch because I ran out of hummus) and a salad with ranch. Hidden Valley Light Ranch is like my favorite thing ever. I need to find a healthier option, but I just love this stuff! I can't help it :)

My track workout went really well with my new Mizunos. They're lime green this time. HOT. Today might be a rest day because I did a hard run yesterday and Jacob and I are planning to run like 7 miles tomorrow, and I haven't had a rest day all week. But I also might venture to the gym for just a few minutes maybe. We'll just have to wait and see.

I should probably go do something resembling work now. Ew.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mean Keri Comes Out

I am trying to be a nicer person. It isn't going well.

I called up the running store where I buy my favorite Mizunos, because I ordered them almost 2 weeks ago and they hadn't come in yet (they were promised to me by last Thursday). My shins have been killing me!! Don't wait until your old shoes have 600 miles on them before ordering new ones! Anyway, I was all ready to throw a hissy fit if my shoes weren't there, but guess what... they were! So I politely said "Oh. Great! I'll get them tonight" and hung up without throwing a fit at all. Yay for new shoes! Now I can do my track workout without worrying that I am going to give myself a stress fracture.

So, since I didn't get to chew out the poor salesman at the running store, I went to request my next anatomy exam. I can't do it because the testing center I'm taking the exams at has let their license to proctor expire!! OMG I am so mad!! Seriously, isn't it their JOB to proctor stuff? It is a TESTING CENTER for crying out loud!! So I had to make like 20 phone calls and I have no confidence in this place to get their recertification forms in anytime soon. I am stuck being unable to progress in this class (which I have to finish by May!) until these people get their stuff together. This has put me in a very bad mood. Work isn't helping either... I was basically told yesterday that there is no work for me to do for the rest of the week. Um, ok... guess I'll sit here for 16 hours and waste time?? Whatever...

So, food-wise last night, I did well. We had some yummy couscous with chickpeas and carrots. I've never been much of a couscous fan, but the way Jacob made this was really yummy! I also got to go to my art class last night (I'm taking a little drawing class just for fun). It was a good night.

Tonight I am doing a track workout. I had a horrible time doing my track workout last week... it was HARD. Tonight I'm taking it a little easier since I'm only 9 days from my 10 miler... definitely taper time! I'm going to do:
1 mile warmup at 10:15 pace
4 x 400 at mile pace (7:30) with 400 m jogs in between
2 x 800 at just sub-5k pace (8:00) with 800 m jogs in between
1 mile cool down

... for a total of 6 miles. I like to vary the order I do it in. Like I'll do 1 400 m pickup, then 1 800 m pickup, then 2 400 m pickups, etc.

So anyway, that's the plan for tonight. That and studying. And watching The Office, probably while studying. Yay for Thursday!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday recap

So I think I managed to pass my test yesterday! Yay! Hopefully I can still go to nursing school :)

I also managed to get to spinning last night after the test. It was nice to go from a stressful test straight into a tough workout. Spinning is really hard for me. Like I go with a friend from work sometimes, and I'll be dying and gasping for breath, and she's barely breaking a sweat! But sometimes we run together too, and I can kick her butt running. I guess people just get used to doing different activities, and the workouts you do the most get easier for you. That's why I like to switch it up and incorporate some spinning into my running program.

I didn't do so well food-wise yesterday. When I got home from work, I was pretty hungry for lunch. We were out of wraps, and I didn't think a chickpea sandwich on bread sounded as good. So I made some oatmeal with a banana and peanut butter. It was delicious and healthy. But I was so hungry that while the oatmeal was cooking, I attacked my fiance's box of honey bunches of oats. Not exactly the best idea. For dinner, Jacob made me broccoli pasta (he's so sweet!) using a recipe I've had for years. It calls for chicken too, but he cooked the chicken just for him on the George Foreman grill so that my dish would be vegetarian. The real trouble was that we went to pint night at a brewery down the street to celebrate me finishing my exam. The beer was delicious! I love beer. I had a fabulous Trippel and a snake bite (half beer, half cider). I've never had a snake bite before... it was interesting! I ordered it with pale ale as the beer. It was a little sweet for my taste, but it was pretty good. I'll have to try it again with a different kind of beer, maybe something darker. After I drink, I always want some munchies. I had tortilla chips with sour cream and cheese when I got home. And a couple of girl scout cookies. Not good, Keri. Not good.

Today I am going to eat better. Being at work makes it easy to eat well because I just make sure I pack all healthy food in my lunch. Today I have plain yogurt and bran flakes for breakfast, peanut butter and jelly on an Arnold sandwich thin (those things are delicious!) for lunch, along with a salad and baby carrots, and an orange and a granola bar for snack. Yummy! Here's to getting healthy again!

The most exciting thing today is that one of my friends decided to run my half marathon on May 1 with me! Usually Jacob and I race together, but he will be out of town for business that weekend. So I convinced my friend to come run with me. Now I'm so excited... this race is going to be awesome!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Keri blogs??

What? Keri is a blogger? Well, now I am!

I've been inspired by some fabulous food and fitness blogs and now I think I'd like to try my own blog. Not that I expect anybody to read it. But who knows, maybe one day someone besides me will happen across this page and think, hey, Keri blogs! I'm going to chronicle my daily life, focusing on healthy eating and fitness. I am a runner. And a gym rat. But I also have a horrible sweet tooth! I'm trying to find a balance. Oh yeah, and I recently went vegetarian, so that's enough to fill a whole blog by itself!

So here is my first official blog post. And I picked an interesting day to do it! I'm super stressed out today. I am taking half a day off work to go take an anatomy test... anatomy is hard! It's the last prerequisite I need before I matriculate to nursing school in May, and I have to get a C in this class or my acceptance will be taken away! Seriously, I've never gotten less than a B in my life, but I'm stressed out anyway.

So stress... it doesn't do any good for my healthy habits. I started off the day with a good breakfast of fat-free yogurt and bran flakes with coffee and rice milk. Since I'll be home for lunch, I think I might use some leftover chickpeas to make a wrap. That's brain food, right? Fitness-wise tonight, I am planning to go to a spinning class, as long as I finish my exam in time. If not, I'll still go to the gym but probably won't get as hard of a workout. Last night I ran 6.07 miles in 57 minutes and 45 seconds. (Yeah, I'm bragging a bit... that's pretty good me on a daily run!)

So wish me luck on my exam, and here's hoping I get to spin out all my stress after it's over!