Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Keri blogs??

What? Keri is a blogger? Well, now I am!

I've been inspired by some fabulous food and fitness blogs and now I think I'd like to try my own blog. Not that I expect anybody to read it. But who knows, maybe one day someone besides me will happen across this page and think, hey, Keri blogs! I'm going to chronicle my daily life, focusing on healthy eating and fitness. I am a runner. And a gym rat. But I also have a horrible sweet tooth! I'm trying to find a balance. Oh yeah, and I recently went vegetarian, so that's enough to fill a whole blog by itself!

So here is my first official blog post. And I picked an interesting day to do it! I'm super stressed out today. I am taking half a day off work to go take an anatomy test... anatomy is hard! It's the last prerequisite I need before I matriculate to nursing school in May, and I have to get a C in this class or my acceptance will be taken away! Seriously, I've never gotten less than a B in my life, but I'm stressed out anyway.

So stress... it doesn't do any good for my healthy habits. I started off the day with a good breakfast of fat-free yogurt and bran flakes with coffee and rice milk. Since I'll be home for lunch, I think I might use some leftover chickpeas to make a wrap. That's brain food, right? Fitness-wise tonight, I am planning to go to a spinning class, as long as I finish my exam in time. If not, I'll still go to the gym but probably won't get as hard of a workout. Last night I ran 6.07 miles in 57 minutes and 45 seconds. (Yeah, I'm bragging a bit... that's pretty good me on a daily run!)

So wish me luck on my exam, and here's hoping I get to spin out all my stress after it's over!

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