Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mean Keri Comes Out

I am trying to be a nicer person. It isn't going well.

I called up the running store where I buy my favorite Mizunos, because I ordered them almost 2 weeks ago and they hadn't come in yet (they were promised to me by last Thursday). My shins have been killing me!! Don't wait until your old shoes have 600 miles on them before ordering new ones! Anyway, I was all ready to throw a hissy fit if my shoes weren't there, but guess what... they were! So I politely said "Oh. Great! I'll get them tonight" and hung up without throwing a fit at all. Yay for new shoes! Now I can do my track workout without worrying that I am going to give myself a stress fracture.

So, since I didn't get to chew out the poor salesman at the running store, I went to request my next anatomy exam. I can't do it because the testing center I'm taking the exams at has let their license to proctor expire!! OMG I am so mad!! Seriously, isn't it their JOB to proctor stuff? It is a TESTING CENTER for crying out loud!! So I had to make like 20 phone calls and I have no confidence in this place to get their recertification forms in anytime soon. I am stuck being unable to progress in this class (which I have to finish by May!) until these people get their stuff together. This has put me in a very bad mood. Work isn't helping either... I was basically told yesterday that there is no work for me to do for the rest of the week. Um, ok... guess I'll sit here for 16 hours and waste time?? Whatever...

So, food-wise last night, I did well. We had some yummy couscous with chickpeas and carrots. I've never been much of a couscous fan, but the way Jacob made this was really yummy! I also got to go to my art class last night (I'm taking a little drawing class just for fun). It was a good night.

Tonight I am doing a track workout. I had a horrible time doing my track workout last week... it was HARD. Tonight I'm taking it a little easier since I'm only 9 days from my 10 miler... definitely taper time! I'm going to do:
1 mile warmup at 10:15 pace
4 x 400 at mile pace (7:30) with 400 m jogs in between
2 x 800 at just sub-5k pace (8:00) with 800 m jogs in between
1 mile cool down

... for a total of 6 miles. I like to vary the order I do it in. Like I'll do 1 400 m pickup, then 1 800 m pickup, then 2 400 m pickups, etc.

So anyway, that's the plan for tonight. That and studying. And watching The Office, probably while studying. Yay for Thursday!

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