Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blog fail

I suck at posting every day. Fail.

I have not been eating well. Like yesterday, I did fine all day and then decided I needed 3 desserts. Jacob says I 'sneak dessert', which is totally true. Like I had one small brownie, but then felt the need to stand in front of the kitchen cabinet dipping honey bunches of oats into nutella. Ew. I don't even want to think what a horrible habit that is!

I did manage to have an awesome run last night. After being cool, cloudy, and rainy all day, it warmed up to the low 60's and the sun came out right around 5:30! I headed out to the Monticello trail and ran for about 4 miles. The first 2 are uphill, and I could barely tell. I took it really slow since I've got my 10 miler this weekend. It's always hard for me to control myself during taper weeks, and it's even harder during recovery weeks after the race!

Today I plan to go to the gym and watch some trashy tv while I work out. I hope when I move to Richmond that my new gym, wherever it may be, has good tv's! I've gotten used to E! keeping me company on the elliptical :) There's nothing like Keeping Up With the Kardashians for making a workout fly by!

Tonight's dinner is going to be Italian bean and pasta soup... I call it Mr. Z's soup after my childhood next door neighbor whose recipe it is. He was a good cook! The original recipe took forever and made a TON of soup because it called for dried beans. Now I use canned, and I reduced the amount of olive oil in the soup by like 75%. So now it is a SOUPer (lol) healthy combo of black beans, white beans, canned tomatoes, a little elbow macaroni, and olive oil! It's very easy and yummy, and I think this will be one of the last days this year that I make soup. Soup is the only thing I love about winter.

FYI, I got an A- on my test!! I'm already studying for the next one :)

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