Friday, April 2, 2010

10 miler tomorrow!!

Today is exciting for two reasons. First, I handed in my official resignation today! YAY!! Now I just have to work here for 5 more weeks, lol! I also really need to figure out where I'm going to get health insurance!

Tomorrow is the Charlottesville 10 miler. Which means that today is carb loading day! Pizza for dinner! Jacob and I prefer homemade pizza to pasta for carb loading. Don't know why, but it seems to work better for us. With all that pasta in my tummy I usually end up feeling like I have a solid ball of noodles bouncing around inside of me the next day. Pizza is a little less... cumbersome. I had a beer last night (which I don't usually do 2 days before a race!) but no alcohol tonight, and probably no dessert either (NO DESSERT!! OH NO!!) That's what the rest of the day after the race is for :)

Other than the race, weekend plans include enjoying the beautiful weather (80 degrees in April? Yes, please!), studying human anatomy (because the it ain't easy to tell all the arteries apart on a black and white photo of the cadaver... honestly with the photos on the test I'm lucky if I can figure out whether I'm looking at the stomach or the liver), going to lots of church services, and mom is coming for Easter lunch! We're grilling portabello mushroom caps and having potato salad and fruit salad. My mom makes WONDERFUL potato salad!

Speaking of mushrooms, I didn't have dinner last night until like 9:30 PM. I was at a restaurant/bar with Jacob and another friend, and I was really hungry. After perusing the menu and almost selecting a quesadilla, I saw a BBQ chicken salad that sounded really good. But I'm a vegetarian now. So I asked if I could get it with portabello mushrooms instead of the chicken, and the waiter was super accommodating. It was delicious! Portabello slices tossed in BBQ sauce on a bed of fresh crisp romaine with tomatoes, corn, and a little sharp cheddar. Mmmmmmm... I think it was supposed to have ranch dressing on it, but my salad definitely did NOT. It was so much better without the ranch! All I needed was the delicious tangy BBQ sauce. And since I got the mushroom instead of the chicken, they took $2 off the price! I heart this place....

Today for lunch I had a whole wheat wrap with shredded carrot, lettuce, hummus, and teensy bit of leftover couscous. It was actually really yummy! I had oatmeal with peanut butter for breakfast. I'm trying not to do too much dairy today (just the cheese on the pizza tonight!) because it isn't great for my tummy pre-race. Jacob brought my baby Goldielocks (she's an 8 year old golden retriever/cocker spaniel mix) over to eat lunch! He has the day off (lucky duck!) so it was nice to get to eat with him, and I showed off my super cute puppy to my coworkers!

Off to go get a little more work done before I leave for the weekend. Wish me luck in the 10 miler!

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