Friday, April 30, 2010

1/2 marathon tomorrow!

I have been crazy busy this week. On Wednesday I took my anatomy final exam! I am DONE with that stupid online class (assuming I passed... I needed a 50 on the exam to get my C... I'm not too worried). The fiance and I also met with the pastor who is marrying us on Wednesday night. Interestingly, physical appearance came up. As in the 'if you could change one thing about your fiance's physical appearance what would it be?' question. I said I would change Jacob's weight... to GAIN! The boy is a stick and although he eats whatever he wants, he stays super skinny (no fair!) He said he would make me less concerned with my physical appearance. Which is fair to say. I value physical beauty in myself (as well as my surroundings).

Yesterday we went to a Moroccan restaurant to celebrate me finishing! I had a delicious falafel wrap and a cup of out of this world tomato soup with carrots and ginger. It was soooo good and perfect for 2 days before a race... carby and not too hard to digest.

Today my group at work is going out to lunch. I am planning to get a salad so that I won't weigh myself down too much for the race tomorrow or upset my sensitive tummy. Maybe an all-veggie sandwich. We'll see.

I'm super excited for Big to come down tonight so we can run our race! It's supposed to be HOT again. What is it with me and hot weather on runs? After the race, we're meeting Little and Little Little for some winery (and possible brewery) action. Mmmmmm....

My goal for the race is to beat my previous half marathon time of 2:06:09. I have been running fast enough that I should be able to do that, but I am worried that this course will be hillier than Richmond and also the heat is a major factor. My secondary goal is to actually run a negatively split race. Which means basically I will start off SUPER slow and see how much I can speed up at the end.

Oh and I ordered some bondi bands a few weeks ago and they came yesterday! So now I will be running with 'Will run for BEER' on my forehead. AWESOME. I'm pretty sure that alone will make the race!

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