Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Verdict: undecided

I finished my 13.14 miles. At first I felt great... major points for going on such a long run on a Monday! This is awesome! I'm so fabulous! Around mile 6 or 7 I started to get really, REALLY bored. I do almost all my runs with my fiance, and most of my longer runs with a group. So even with my iPod I was bored out of my mind for two hours and 15 minutes. I also started to hurt. My right knee, left shin, and legs in general were sore. Also, my lower back and abs were killing me when I finished. I don't know why, I can't remember that ever happening after a long run before.

I'm getting a little worried about this half marathon. Yesterday's run was hard, but I'm going to need to do the same distance faster during the race. I just did a 10 miler way faster than this... how did I do that? I'm kind of banking on the fact that tapering usually makes me feel better, and since I was running at a different time of day than I usually complete my long runs, maybe that was causing me to feel a little more tired than normal. Let's hope that's all it was!

My pants are starting to feel a little tight. I need to stop eating M&Ms and cookies and start focusing back on healthy, clean food. The scale said I had gained 3 pounds on Sunday (since last Tuesday) which I don't actually believe, but I do need to keep watching what I eat. I ended up eating about 2100 calories instead of my usual 1700 yesterday, but I don't feel too bad about that because of the long run. It's normal for me to eat more on a day that I run 10 miles or more.

So here's to recommitting to health!

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