Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Two down, one to go!

One more test down! Now I just have six new lessons, two quizzes, and the final exam, then I am done with Human Anatomy! It's a great feeling to be learning so much and doing well in the class.

Jacob and I had beer to celebrate me finishing my last test last night. It was pint night at the pub/brewery down the street from us. $2.50 for a delicious local brew. My favorite! I had a lovely hoppy pale ale.

Dinner last night was couscous with leftover chickpeas and a salad on the side. Couscous in a whole wheat wrap is also lunch today. I love couscous with grated carrot in a wrap. It's my new favorite lunch!

Even though we set a record high temperature yesterday (my car thermometer said 93 degrees when I left the testing center at 5:30 PM) I went for a run anyway. I didn't wear my watch and just jogged as slowly as I pleased. It was so liberating to just go out and run for fun! I made it about 3.25 miles and then the heat and last weekend's 10 mile race caught up with me, and I ended up walking the 2 miles back home. But for my first run after a race, with it being that hot, that was fine with me! I have a month before my net half marathon, so plenty of time!

Tonight we are having a Mexican fiesta... my favorite sweet potato burritos with mole sauce, and margaritas! Yum!!

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