Friday, April 9, 2010

Chance of death = fast run!

Sometimes I get something in my head and then I just HAVE TO DO IT. Even if it's a horrible idea. This most frequently happens with fitness-related goals. Yesterday was a classic example of Keri making a horrible decision.

I had been looking forward to my 4 mile run on the Monticello trail all day long. I knew it was supposed to thunderstorm around 6 PM, but it wasn't thundering yet when I got off work. So I decided to go do my run, even though the sky was getting darker and darker. I changed quickly and set off. Just as I got out of the car at the trail head, the first raindrops were falling. I didn't hear any thunder so I thought "Oh well, I won't melt!" and set off. When I was almost 2 miles from the car, I saw a bolt of lightning. Yikes! I turned around immediately. The skies opened up. That was honestly the wettest run of my entire life (and I am someone who enjoys running in the rain and does it whenever possible during the summer). Did I mention the Monticello trail goes up a mountain? Elevation gain + lightning = BAD. As I tore back down the mountain WAY above my normal speed, I passed a group of 3 women who were also high-tailing it out of there. I smiled and said "Nothing like the chance of death to make you run fast, right?" Honestly that was by far the fastest I have ever run the week after a race! I covered more than 3.5 miles (half of it going up a mountain) in 32 minutes! Not bad for 5 days after a hard 10 mile race.

Hey, lightning is a good motivator! (disclaimer: DON'T try this at home!!)

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