Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend wildness!

Friday after work, I was faced with a serious dilemma: gym or beer? My coworkers were going out for a pint, and normally I join them on evenings such as this. But I had planned to take an anatomy quiz right after work, and I really wanted to go to the gym. So decided to skip the beer, which ended up working out really well. I managed to take my quiz (A- again!), fit in a quick workout (30 minutes on the stair climber plus abs), and make it home in time for dinner with Jacob, who informed me that he had made plans for us to meet a friend at a bar down the block. Yay! I really did get to do it all :)

Saturday morning, Jacob and I got up to run before heading up to DC for the night. We went out to the Monticello trail again (suddenly I am obsessed with this place!) and did it twice. Jacob wanted to stop short of the top the second time, but I made him go all the way to the top of the trail (but we did stop short of the visitor's center). All in all, it was somewhere between 7.5 and 8 miles. It was really pretty with everything blooming, and it was pretty crowded too! We actually got yelled at by a security guard for trying to run all the way up to the house. Apparently you need tickets.

After a breakfast of oatmeal with peanut butter and apple (and an iced latte with almond milk!), we headed up to DC. My sister lives in Van Ness, so we stayed with her. She hosted a late engagement party for about 20 of our college friends who all live in or near DC. The best part was actually getting all my bridesmaids into one room! One of them flew up from Alabama just to come to the party! I love my girls :)

Before the party, the BMs, and I (plus our significant others) grabbed a quick bite to eat. I had a delicious salad that included spinach, sweet potato, walnuts, cranberries, and blue cheese. MMMmmmm!! There were lots of yummy munchies at the party too. My favorites were black bean, corn, and feta on tortilla chips (my sis's invention, and one that I will definitely be replicating!) and my absolute favorite cake in the world, pound cake with buttercream frosting from a grocery store/bakery in Richmond. It's absolute heaven!! There was also a considerable amount of alcohol to drink. Sis made some fabulous sangria out of white wine and white grape juice.

On Sunday morning, the BMs and boys again met for brunch. It was a late night (we went out in Dupont until about 3) so 1 of them didn't make it, but the rest of us enjoyed a lovely brunch at a french bistro on Adams Morgan. I had a vegetarian omlette. It was lovely and kept me full all morning! Then we headed to the zoo, where we got to see the male giant panda. He was just sitting there eating bamboo and looking cuddly. I want a panda so bad! They also have this orangutan ropes course of sorts... the orangutans can climb a tower and then follow this wire that's like 40 feet in the air over to another enclosure. It was pretty cool to see those guys walk on that!! We ended up walking around the zoo for a pretty long time and I was super tired by the end of the zoo trip. It was HOT too and I didn't pack any shorts, so I ended up sweating in my jeans the whole time.

On the way back to Charlottesville we stopped at Sheetz so I could get a snack. I had a yummy salad with romaine, green pepper, onion, tomato, jalapenos, black olives, and cheddar with Ranch dressing. I heart Sheetz and Wawa! Dinner was late and kind of random... I had cucumber and baby carrots with baba ghanoush and a mini pizza on an Arnolds sandwich thin. Dessert was leftover CAKE!!

Today I'm glad to be back to a more regular eating schedule. I find I eat WAY better during the week because I never know where I'll be on the weekends, so I tend to eat whatever I can get when I can get it. Usually this means I eat later than I should and I'm super hungry by the time I get to some food. Anyway, today I had my normal yogurt and bran flakes for breakfast and another mini pizza for lunch, along with a small caesar salad and more veggies with the baba ghanoush. I packed an orange and a nutri grain bar for snack, but I'm getting less and less interested in processed food the more I eat natural, whole foods. So I might not eat it. I'm planning to do a 45 minute run (probably on the Monticello trail... I'm addicted!) tonight.

So in summary, it was an awesome weekend! And yay for good weather (75 and sunny) on a Monday!

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