Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Feelin hot hot hot

90 degrees and sunny today. 90 DEGREES!! In APRIL!! Insane!!

I may or may not go for a run this afternoon. I've noticed that the more I train for races, the more I enjoy simple running without a watch... just going out for a little jog. But if it's 90 degrees, I might be in the gym again today.

I am taking off from work at 3 to go take my next anatomy test. Now that I have officially given my resignation notice, I don't feel bad about this anymore! I just told my boss I had a test tonight and he goes "oh absolutely, go study!" So easy :)

I've been eating lots of crap recently and my skin and energy levels are paying for it. For example, I had chocolate, jelly beans, and cookies last night. Not too many of any of the above, but still. Not good dietary choices. Today I'm trying to keep it simple and eat more whole foods. I had a delicious burrito on a 110 calorie whole wheat, high fiber wrap for lunch. It included black beans, canned diced tomatoes, less than 1/4 cup shredded 2% milk cheese, and salsa. It was soooo yummy! For breakfast, I was running really low on my fat free plain yogurt that I eat almost every day, so I used a frozen 1/2 banana (leftover from yesterday's banana and almond butter snack) to add some extra volume. Let me tell you, frozen banana and yogurt are an AWESOME combination!

So wish me luck on the test and off I go to finish a little more work!

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